TMAFE Download Center

Software: Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper (MASH)
Filename: MASH_Setup.exe
Size: 5.98 MB
Description: Easy-to-use program that lets you record and playback Microsoft Agent character presentations.
Microsoft Agent
Software: Microsoft Agent
Filename: MSagent.exe
Size: 391.74 KB
Description: Allows for characters to come to life on your desktop through Microsoft Agent technology.
Software: Microsoft Agent Character Editor
Filename: Microsoft Agent Character Creator Installer.exe
Size: 1.02 MB
Description: Program that allows you to produce Microsoft Agent characters.
Software: CyberBuddy
Filename: CyberBuddyFREESetup.exe
Size: 53.0 MB
Description: Helpful utility for your desktop that utilizes Microsoft Agent technology.
CyberBuddy Story Builder
Software: CyberBuddy Story Builder
Filename: StoryBuilderSetup.exe
Size: 1.0 MB
Description: Create stories for the CyberBuddy program.
Software: MUSH
Filename: MUSH.exe
Size: 408.5 KB
Description: Music Scripting Helper that utilizes Microsoft Agent.
Software: MS-Agent Scripting Software
Filename: MASS_Setup.exe
Size: 3.18 MB
Description: Produces Microsoft Agent scripts that can be executed and played back.
Software: Microsoft Agent Properties Viewer
Filename: mapv.exe
Size: 72 KB
Description: View the properties of a Microsoft Agent character.
Software: CharPackage
Filename: CharPackage_Setup.exe
Size: 581.87 KB
Description: Package your Microsoft Agent characters into EXE installers.
Software: VoxProxy
Filename: vpeldl.exe
Size: 56.8 MB
Description: Allows you to utilize Microsoft Agents inside of Microsoft PowerPoint.
ACE Buddy
Software: ACE Buddy
Filename: setup.exe
Size: 7.35 MB
Description: Microsoft Agent utility that reads text the screen.
Software: DeskBot
Filename: Deskbot26.exe
Size: 992.66 KB
Description: DeskBot is a Clipboard Reader, Text Reader, and Time Announcer that uses Microsoft Agent.
Software: TimeAgent
Size: 70 KB
Description: Software that tells the time through Microsoft Agent.
Software: Agent View
Filename: AV.EXE
Size: 184.69 KB
Description: Displays information about a Microsoft Agent character.