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TTS Voices and Language components

NOTE: You can automatically install all of these at once with this installer here.

Language TTS Engine
(2-3 MB)
Language Add-On
(128 KB)
British English lhttseng.exe already installed
Dutch lhttsdun.exe agtx0413.exe
French lhttsfrf.exe agtx040C.exe
German lhttsged.exe agtx0407.exe
Italian lhttsiti.exe agtx0410.exe
Japanese lhttsjpj.exe agtx0411.exe
Korean lhttskok.exe agtx0412.exe
Brazilian Portuguese lhttsptb.exe agtx0416.exe
Russian lhttsrur.exe agtx0419.exe
Spanish lhttsspe.exe agtx0C0A.exe

Other voices that are compatible include:

There are over 20 language components not listed on this page, but can be downloaded individually here or you can download all components plus an automatic installer.
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