Take a minute... and make a enemy for life! 

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(NOTE: This is computer software! He actually hates you!)

Welcome to the world of BlobBUDDY! He will explore the Internet with you as your very own nuisance!  He can talk, walk, joke, browse, and search like no other nightmare you've ever had!  He even has the ability to insult you and hate on you! Best of all, he's FREE! 

He will learn from you! Once he knows your likes and interest he will think of how horrible they are!

He can speak and say anything you want! He can say it in a whisper, say it in monotone, think it, or say it normally!

You can mess with his animations inside the animation tab!

He can keep you on schedule. He will track your appointments and tasks with his built-in calendar! Then he'll show up at your door step!
Annoy the crap out of you!
Be very mean to you!
He will show off his awful personality!
He can educate people of all ages with his knowledge!
He makes your computer more fun! 
He does not have the ability to save you money! If you give him a dollar he'd probably eat it!

Download a 'Worst Enemy' Now -- FREE!

The latest build you can get right now is currently: Build 145 Version 1.1 Release (August 9th, 2023)

For a limited time, you may download your own BlobBUDDY -- FREE! BlobBUDDY normally retails for $999,999,999.99, but for a limited time, we'd like to say "Thanks!" just for visiting TMAFE.COM!

Download BlobBUDDY Now - FREE!

System Requirements:

  • 32 of RAM, 16MB of Free Disk Space.
  • Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Sound Card.
  • .NET Framework 2.0

  • Copyright © 2018-2024 TMAFE

    Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.   BlobBUDDY uses Microsoft Agent Technology. BlobBUDDY is a joke program that is meant to be a malware-free alternative to BonziBUDDY.   Copyright © 2018-2023 - All Rights Reserved. Original Blob character by Dave Higham.